Saturday, April 29, 2017

Back in the saddle - Herbularius

To my shame I have not posted here since September of last year. I'm not sure why that happened other than I got busy with work, kids and home and more likely due to my perfectionist tendencies getting in the way: if the lighting is wrong, or I need the space for a picture, or it's not quite ready yada yada yada....

So I'm jumping back in with all my imperfections :)

I think part of the issue was that I moved most of my stitching to the office upstairs. I have Chatelaine's Herbularius on a scroll frame on a floor stand with the supply cart next to it all set up in the office which is great as it keeps the living room tidy, but it's less handy.

Here's where I am on Herbularius:
The center square is parts one and two completed except for beading. The dandelion and mallow on the right are part four.

Here are the dandelion and mallow. 

The cross stitches and backstitching is complete. As you can see the Petite Treasure Braid vines on the bottom are not complete. That is because they are not fun. I love the way PTB looks and it will be gorgeous when I'm done with the vines, but I am not enjoying that part. So now I've taken to bribing myself. If I finish one length of PTB vine I can do one length of specialty stitches. Sigh. It's the only way I can make myself do it!!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you here again soon!


  1. AMY!!!!! It is so gorgeous!!! I bribe myself the same way with the not so fun parts :) Now I am not a neon person but those neon greens are just doing it for me. I am in love!! Wow wow wow!!! Ok hurry up and get some more stitching done so you can show us more xo

    1. Hi Khristine!!!! (((Waves like a lunatic))))) It's so nice to be back :) Thank you. I'm so in love with this piece I only wish I had more time on it but I'm steadily working on it.

      That green does look very neon in the picture but I think it's true color is more of a bright spring green - although it's very bright LOL. It does pop nicely.

      I have a couple of other WIPs that I'll share later this week. See you soon :)


  2. So nice to see you back, Amy.
    Good luck with your Chatelaine piece. It's just gorgeous with its colours.